Exam Code System Puzzles Repeaters as UBTEB Exams Start

As the Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board (UBTEB) commences its July/August assessment session, a few challenges have emerged. Students who are retaking papers have encountered disruptions due to examination codes.

Our reporter, who was present at the UBTEB center on Monday morning, observed that officials at the center were receiving calls from various examination centers, all raising concerns about the codes. This observation was subsequently verified by one of the officers, whose identity is being kept confidential as they are not authorized to speak to the media.

“This appeared to be a widespread concern. Students who were retaking papers expressed dissatisfaction with the variations in examination codes, and a few even suspected that they had received different question papers,” the source remarked. In the context of exam evaluation, ensuring the security and reliability of the code system is of utmost importance and serves numerous essential functions.

For example, the digits and letter paper codes play a crucial role in tasks such as identifying and verifying the scripts among other functions. Writing different examination codes might lead to the loss of transcripts within the assessment process.

Narasi Kambaho, the Principal Communications Officer of UBTEB, in a conversation with our reporter, revealed that the board recently implemented changes in the codes assigned to certain papers. He noted that this alteration was undertaken with the aim of harmonizing the codes, which became necessary following the introduction of the modular assessment system.

Kambaho pointed out that certain papers underwent modifications, resulting in the assignment of new codes. Nevertheless, he emphasized all examination centers have received explicit instructions that regardless of whether students are retaking the paper or not, they are required to utilize the new codes.

Apart from the issues related to examination codes, a number of institutions, primarily in Kampala, have reported a lack of incidents. Harriet Kagezi, the principal of Ntinda Vocational Institute, confirmed that the students had been thoroughly briefed and, thus far, are adhering to the established regulations.

Onesmus Oyesigye, the Executive Secretary, further stated that the assessment has commenced quite smoothly and, up to this point, no notable incidents have been reported from across the entire country.

“The board is pleased to report that all examinations kicked off very well at all centers without any hindrance. we commend the great work done by heads of assessment centers and examination managers who have ensured proper coordination and a smooth start of the examination,” Oyesigye said.

Nevertheless, the Executive Secretary emphasized that they are maintaining a vigilant presence in the field and at all centers to closely oversee the advancement of the examination process, ensuring strict adherence to the rules and regulations as set by the board.

As per statistics, a total of 64,387 candidates, comprising 45,089 males and 19,298 females, were registered to partake in a range of assessments at levels of National Certificate, Uganda Polytechnic Certificate, National Diploma-Technical, Modular Assessment for Certificate Programs, Biological and Physical Science examinations this year.

Candidates who have registered will be conducting both theoretical and practical examinations at a combined count of 517 examination centers until August 24th of this year.

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