Economics Students Of Bukalasi SS Fail to Turn up for UACE

Three senior six candidates of Bukalasi Secondary School in Bududa district failed to show up on Monday for their Economics paper on day one of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examinations-UACE. 

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) began conducting UACE for all A’ level candidates beginning with Economics Papers one and two for Arts candidates and Chemistry paper 3  for Science Candidates.

Bukalasi Secondary School registered ten students for UACE, three of them offering Economics. However, none of the three candidates showed up on Monday for both papers.  Our reporter visited the school and spotted the supervisor who was sitting in the examination room waiting for the time to elapse without any candidates.

The head teacher, Christopher Katumba declined to comment about the missing candidates and only said that the Exams were going on well. The Area UNEB Supervisor, Edward Mukhwana said that he would write to UNEB about the incident.

David Muwoya Wekhola, the Bududa district inspector of Schools said he was not in the know about the missing candidates but promised to get information and see how he can take action. This is not the first time that students in this school are disappearing during their final Examinations. Last year, only three candidates out of the ten that registered for UACE turned up for their final exams.

Bukalasi secondary school secured a UACE center number U2684 five years ago with 17 candidates during their first sitting. According to UNEB guidelines, a center must have a minimum of 15 candidates. This means the center has less than the required number of candidates to sit for UACE. Other schools in the district that fielded UACE candidates include Bulucheke SS with 78 candidates and Bushika S.S with 35 candidates.

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