Arts Teachers Strike Over Discriminatory Salary Enhancement

Arts teachers across the country have embarked on a nationwide strike over what they call discrimination in government salary increment.

The strike started on Wednesday after the Uganda National Teachers’ Union (Unatu) instructed teachers under the association not to class until government comes through on its commitment to increase their salary.

It should be noted that government announced that it had increased the salaries of science teachers starting the Financial Year 2022/2023. The move was aimed at promoting sciences in the country.

Arts teachers say they also need an increment since they play the same role as the science teachers.

They say they will not

During a press conference at Uganda Media Centre this week, Public Service Minister Wilson Muruli Mukasa asked the teachers and UNATU to be patient as the government

 “We call upon Unatu to be patient as the government continues the implementation of the pay enhancement plan, subject to availability of resources. We, therefore, call upon all teachers to return to class and teach,” he said.

 “As a matter of fact, enhancement of pay of science teachers, scientists and health workers has already commenced.  Selective nature of enhancement is not a popular thing, but that is what we can do as of now. We have no resources to cater for all workers at ago,” he added.

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