Schools reopen for third term in Rwanda

The latest update reaching Mazima indicates that learning institutions in Rwanda have reopened for third term after the government lifted the 15-day lockdown on Kigali (Capital City) and eight other districts.

According to a report by The East African newspaper, the schools reopened today Monday, August 2 after a lockdown that was imposed to curb the spread of the deadly virus was eased. The country had also registered a spike in infections as well as deaths.

Mazima understands that Rwanda had many cases of the deadly Delta variant, which scientists in Uganda have described as one of the most deadly variants of the virus.

According to the Rwanda Ministry of Education, reopening will enable students to complete the school calendar that was interrupted when all learning institutions were forced to close on June 29. Since some areas of the country are still under lockdown until August 10, officials from the Education Ministry have revealed that there are plans to support students and tutors in the affected districts.

“Local authorities will offer necessary facilitation for teachers and learners, and will make sure that learning resumes while diligently observing Covid-19 protocols,” the ministry said in a notice to school administrators and other stakeholders.

“The ministry calls upon schools to observe Covid-19 preventive measures which include physical distancing, proper wearing of face masks, hand-washing with clean water and soaps or use of sanitisers, and keeping windows open.” The notice reads further.

While issuing the revised academic calendar that will last for only 47 days, the Education Ministry revealed that third term will run from August 2 to September 17.

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