DR Congo Gov’t Allows Resumption of Traffic on Four Roads Connecting Goma City

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has allowed the resumption of traffic on four major roads connecting to Goma City in North Kivu province despite the presence of the M23 rebels in many of the areas. The re-opened roads include Goma-Rutshuru-Kanyabayonga, Goma-Sake-Kitshanga-Kanyabayonga, Goma-Sake-Kitshanga-Pinga, Goma-Sake-Mushaki-Masisi – Walikale. 

In a statement issued on Wednesday night, Lieutenant-General Constant Ndima Kongba, the Governor of the Province of North Kivu explains that the decision was taken following an outcry from the locals, especially in the business sector bruised by the effects of the war between FARDC and M23 rebels.    

The statement however notes that the suspension of customs formalities at the Bunagana border post that connects DR Congo and Uganda remains in place. Provincial Authorities also instruct the agents of law enforcement and security services to ensure the unfailing observance of the content of the press release.      

Before the issuance of the press statement allowing the resumption of traffic, Lt. Colonel Guillaume Njike Kaiko, the FARDC spokesperson in North Kivu province had issued another statement affirming that FARDC had successfully dislodged M23 rebels from Rubaya, Bihambwe, Luhonga, Lupango located along Sake-Kitshanga road. 

The rebels were targeting to capture Sake, which is about 27 kilometers west of Goma city. Once Sake falls under M23’s hands, there are no other means of connecting to Goma from the Masisi and Nyiragongo territories by road.        

Kaiko assured the public that the cities of Goma and Sake were safe from all threats from M23 adding that they were pushed back beyond the Kingi village where they suffered the force of fire from fighter jets and other heavy weapons. 

M23 rebels launched a war against the DR Congo government in March 2022. Many areas have fallen under rebel control in Rutshuru, Masisi, and Nyiragongo territories.  DR Congo’s government accuses Rwanda of backing M23 rebels in a fight that started in March 2022. But Rwanda and its rebels strongly deny it. 

Rebels claim to fight against bad leadership in DR Congo based on corruption, xenophobia, and discrimination among other messes.   

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