Suspects Charged with Killing Electrician and Selling his Blood

Four suspects accused of mercilessly killing a 32-year-old electrician in Kabale district have been charged with murder.

The suspects are Ben Kakuru and Sam Niwahereza who both work at Bambocha Bar and Lodges- a popular spot for commercial sex workers situated along Kigongi Main Street, Centeral division, Kabale municipality in the Kigezi region. Others that were arrested were Medard Atwebembeire, the manager of Standard Hotel located at the same street, and Amos Turinawe, a resident of Nyamweru Sub County in Rubanda District.

They are accused of killing Conrad Ninsiima who was discovered lifeless on May 13, 2023, in the morning hours. His body was found near the Kihumuro-Rushaki roundabout in Nyamabare village, which is part of the Rushaki ward, Southern Division, Kabale Municipality.

The deceased had deep cuts on his throat, but strangely, there was no blood on him.

During the vigil, Turinawe reportedly appeared before the mourners and confessed to his involvement in the murder.

Turinawe revealed the details of the heinous act, explaining that Ninsiima was offered Torrero, a local gin, at Bambocha Bar and Lodges to intoxicate him.

Turinawe claimed that he was the one who persuaded Ninsiima to accompany him to Bambocha Bar after encountering him near the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) offices in Kigongi, central division.

He also admitted to taking advantage of Ninsiima’s inebriated state by luring him to a secret room, where he and the other suspects allegedly slit his throat using a knife. The suspects then reportedly drained the victim’s blood into a red basin, which was subsequently handed over to a driver for transportation to Lake Bunyonyi, where it was intended for sale to an unidentified individual.

A police officer at Kabale police station told our reporter on condition of anonymity that Pasiono Besigye, the proprietor of Bambocha Bar and Lodges who had been arrested in connection to same act was released after Turinawe later changed his statement and exonerated him from being involved in the act.

Appearing before Kabale grade one magistrate’s court on Thursday afternoon, the suspects were charged with murder contrary to section 188 and 189 of the penal code act, causing death of Ninsiima contrary to section 191 of the Penal Code Act.

Her worship Rachael Tabaruka, Kabale grade one magistrate did not allow the suspects to take plea or say anything saying that the offence is capital in nature and can only be heard and tried by the high court.

Tabaruka remanded them to Ndorwa government prison until July 04, 2023 when they will return to court for their case to be mentioned. Christine Natukwasa, the deceased’s wife says that her prayer is to see court handing the suspects a heavy sentence. She says that she is now struggling to care for four children the husband left.

Elly Maate, police spokesperson for Kigezi region had earlier said that a night watchman at Bambocha bar, the driver of the vehicle that transported body of Ninsiima to Rushaki, and the Boda Boda rider who was allegedly hired to transport the blood to Lake Bunyonyi where it was allegedly sold (their names withheld in order not to jeopardize with investigations) are still on the run.

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