Mabirizi Sentenced to 18 Months in Jail

Lawyer Male Mabirizi will have to serve 18 months in jail following a court order to have him arrested and thrown in the coolers for the aforementioned time frame over contempt of court.

Mabirizi had been issued with an order to pay a fine of 300m for attacking judicial officers, but he never honoured the order. He skipped courts summons, and it is on that ground that High Court judge Musa Ssekana sentenced Mabirizi to 18 months in jail.

“This court has been forced to make a brief ruling to avoid further attacks on judicial officers. My detailed ruling supporting my decision will be made in the due course,” Ssekana said while delivering his ruling.

State Attorney, Ms Patricia Mutesi’s told court that despite a standing court order warning Mabirizi to stop attacking judicial officers, he continued through his social media.

Through his social media, Mabirizi is said to have accused Justice Ssekana of being biased, incompetent and not able to head even a smallest court of a family, unqualified for any award from Uganda Law Society and not even for a Grade Two Magistrate.

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