Lawyer Mabirizi Sues Gov’t Over Byabashaija Re-appointment

It is Male Mabirizi again! The lawyer has sued the government over the re-appointment of Johnson Byabashaija as the Commissioner-General of Uganda Prisons. Byabashaija was re-appointed by President last week to serve for two more terms.

Mabirizi contends that Byabashaija’s appointment is illegal, and should be reversed by court. Male wants court to order Byabashaija to step out of office on account that he clocked retirement age.

In his suit, Mabirizi also argues that the elevation of Major General Geoffrey Tumusiime Katsigazi, from private to rank of Major also breached lawful procedures and should be reviewed.

Mabirizi says the promotion of Katsigazi should be have been done after consultation and advice from Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) a step he says was overlooked.

He states that the President has no powers to neither appoint UPDF soldiers as police officers nor assign Uganda Police ranks to such powers. “The person occupying the office of The President lacks powers to unilaterally promote officers of UPDF without the advice of the Commissions Board,” reads his notice in part.”

Katsigazi it should be noted was appointed Deputy Inspector General of Police after his promotion. Mabirizi wants High Court to declare the office of Deputy IGP and Commissioner General of Prisons to be declared vacant.

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