Kirumira Murder: High Court Acquits Hamza Mwebe

The High Court in Kampala has acquitted Hamza Mwebe, one of the suspects in the case of the murder of Assistant Superintendent of Police Muhammad Kirumira and his friend Resty Nalinya.

Mwebe was accused together with Abubaker Kalungi for taking part in the murder of Kirumira and Resty Nalinya. The two Kirumira and Nalinya were driving in the same car on that fateful day. Prosecution says that Kalungi has mentioned Mwebe as one of his friends who strayed him when they hired him to trail Kirumira.

According to court records, the two were killed in September 2018 when they were shot several times by gun men riding on a motorcycle. They succumbed to wounds caused by gun shots that damaged their critical internal organs.

In her ruling delivered Friday, Judge Margaret Mutonyi noted that prosecution didn’t inform court why and how Mwebe was arrested. She said that there was no evidence pinning Mwebe to the crime since no witness accused him of any wrong doing and his phone too was not tapped or linked to those of Kalungi and Kateregga who is said to have pulled the trigger.  The Judge consequently ordered for Mwebe’s release.

After release, Mwebe stepped away from the dock, took a seat and bent his head forward with tears of joy coming our of his eyes. Court had granted him freedom more than two years in prison.

As for Kalungi court ordered him to defend himself because the evidence before court could not be used to draw a conclusion about his innocence or guilt and hence required him to defend himself. Evidence before Court indicates that upon arrest, Kalungi was taken to his mothers home to search for any evidence and that while there, it said that his mother asked him why he was on handcuffs and he told her that he had been lured into crime by two of his colleagues, Mwebe and Badru Kateregga who was killed by security operations.

Kalungi is said to have been hired by Mwebe and Kateregga to trail Kirumira. Prosecution alleges that on the day of the murder, Kalungi was the one who called Kateregga and Mwebe to come to where Kirumira and Nalinya were and hence murdered them. 

Prosecution presented before court evidence showing communication between a phone number said to belong to Kalungi and the other to Kateregga. It is said that the two talked often before the murder and on the day the murder took place.

The judge has adjourned the matter to 22nd February 2023 when Kalungi shall appear before Court to defend himself. He is allowed to consult with his lawyer and also bring witnesses to support his case.

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