Justice Arach’s Children Reject Proposed Neutral Burial Place

The children and relatives of the late Supreme Court Justice Stella Arach Amoko have rejected the proposed neutral burial place at Arua Catholic Cathedral Cemetery in Ediofe parish, Arua City.

The proposal to bury Justice Arach at a neutral place was reached on Friday during an out-of-court mediation between Ambassador James Idule Amoko, the husband, and the children/relatives of Justice Arach, chaired by Lawyer Francis Gimara, the former President of Uganda Law Society.

In a letter dated 24th June 2023 and signed by Christian Onyok, the biological sister, Godfrey Picho, the brother to the deceased, Annette Yosa, and Jackie Amony both biological daughters, and Emmanuel Komakech, the biological son, they maintain that Amoko should be buried at Jukia Hill Ward, Juba Village, Nebbi district next to her late father.

“We appreciate your acknowledgment that her burial mustn’t be conducted in Adjumani as you had earlier mentioned. We maintain that she should be buried at Jukia Hill Ward in Nebbi district next to her late father Wod Rwot his worship Micheal Picho and her aunt Nya’ Rwot Julia Angeyo as she desired, in accordance with her deathbed wishes and Ragem customs”, reads part of the letter.

They instead propose that instead of having the state function in Nebbi, the requiem mass, speeches by state officials and dignitaries, and viewing of the body be done in Arua but the burial be done in Jukia Hill Ward, Nebbi.

“However in the spirit of compromise, we propose that rather than have the state function in Nebbi, the state function which includes the requiem mass, the speeches by all state officials, dignitaries, and in-laws, and laying of the wreaths and viewing of the body be held in Arua”, the children noted in their counter-proposal.

Currently, the Family Division of the High Court in Kampala is hearing a petition filed by the children and relatives challenging the earlier decision by the husband to bury the remains of Justice Arach in Adjumani District.

The body of the deceased is being kept at A –plus funeral home.

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