Court Extends Warrant of Arrest for Besigye’s Co Accused

Buganda Road Magistrates Court has extended a warrant of arrest against Samuel Lubega Mukaaku, who is jointly charged with Dr Kiiza Besigye on charges of inciting violence.

Grade One Magistrate Asuman Muhumuza on Friday extended the warrant he had issued last month requiring Mukaaku and Besigye to be arrested upon sight and be compelled to come to court and attend trial.

Besigye reported to the court as earlier ordered when he was being given bail a year ago, but Mukaaku did not turn up for the second time. His lawyers led by Musa Matovu told the court that he traveled to the United Kingdom-UK for treatment.

Prosecution led by State Attorney Ivan Kyazze asked Mukaaku’s bail to be canceled since he had not availed court with his travel documents to confirm whether he had traveled as alleged by his lawyer.

His warrant of arrest was extended until September 29 2023 while that of Besigye was removed.

Trouble for Besigye and Mukaaku stems from their June 14th, 2022 protest against the skyrocketing prices of commodities in the country.

They are accused of staging an assembly at Kikuubo Shauriyako Parish in Kampala Central Division where they allegedly made statements indicating that it would be desirable to demonstrate, which was an act calculated to cause damage and destruction of property.

So far prosecution witnesses who have testified in the case mainly Police Officers such as David Nahamya the head of Operations at Kampala Central Police Station say Besigye and Mukaaku’s actions caused commotion downtown and business went on a standstill.

In October 2022, Magistrate Muhumuza ordered the State to return Besigye’s vehicle which had been impounded.

The vehicle is yet to be released to Besigye.

In June 2023, the same court presided over by Grade One Magistrate Siena Owomugisha dismissed similar charges against Besigye for want of Prosecution and set him free.

Besigye says that all the charges are framed against him just for political persecution because the state has always levied many charges against him including capital offenses such as rape and treason.

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