Attorney General Returns Names of Over 150 War Claimants for Verification

The Attorney General has returned the names of at least 155 war debt claimants in Kitgum for re-verification.

Kitgum district had sent a list of 1,463 war debt claimants to the office of the Attorney General, but only 763 are reflected in the master list, out of which 155 claimants have been flagged with irregularities.

The claimants are seeking compensation for their livestock and other properties that were lost during past insurgencies in the Acholi sub-region.

Jimmy Segawa Ebil, the RDC of Kitgum district, notes that the 155 names were returned because the holders have; invalid account numbers, irregular account titles, dormant accounts closed accounts, irregular payee names, and deceased claimants.

Ebil reveals that so far only 11 claimants from Kitgum have been fully paid a total of 52.1 million Shillings in the financial year 2021-2022.

The compensated claimants are from; Lagoro, Namukora, Kitgum Matidi, Labongo Akwang sub-counties, and Pandwong Division in Kitgum Municipality.

Ebil says in the financial year 2021/2022, the government sent money for compensating War debt claimants in Kitgum, but 189.6 million Shillings bounced back because the claimants had irregularities in their count details.

Ebil urges the claimants with irregularities in their account details to rectify them as early as possible because the money will be disbursed this financial year.

In 2021, more than 100 war debt claimants from Omiya Anyima Sub-county in Kitgum District complained that they were tired of the endless verification exercises, saying it was making them lose more money in bank charges.

Matters of the war claims have dragged on for two decades.

By September 2022, the Deputy Attorney General, Jackson Kafuzi said the government had paid 20,727 claimants a total of 50 billion Shillings in 27 districts in the affected sub-regions, with each district receiving at least 1.7 billion Shillings.

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