What is your money personality type?

Money decisions have been and are continuing to be one of the most hard and regrettable decisions anyone can make.

Character traits regarding money are classified into specific groups. The key is to find the type that most closely matches your behavior.

Which of the following best describes you?

Compulsive Saver

These people often put away money with no actual end goal in mind. They believe saving money is the only way to feel more secure in life.

They are afraid of losing money that they can go their entire lives without spending any of what they worked so hard to save.

Compulsive Spender

They spend money on things they don’t necessarily need and love treating people to something special for no particular reason.

They are emotionally distressed and the solution is to spend for immediate gratification. They are at risk of going bankrupt if they consistently spend more than they earn.

Compulsive Moneymaker

They believe that earning more money is the secret to happiness as they spend most of their energy on trying to make as much money as possible.

They get pleasure from the approval from other people for their financial success. They are likely to find dangerous situations if they neglect important relationships to prioritize growing their wealth.


They rarely think about money and believe that money is bad or evil. They agree that money shouldn’t influence important decisions in life.

These people feel they only need a little amount of money to be happy however things can get really bad if they’re not responsible with their finances.


They share traits between Savers and Spenders. They start out saving a lot of money but then give into spending out of nowhere.

Saver-Spenders often end up stressed and disappointed in themselves for working so hard to save money, only to lose it so quickly.


It doesn’t matter how much money they have, they are constantly worried that they will lose it at any given moment.

They lack confidence in their abilities to achieve financial freedom. They obsess over the bad scenarios of what could happen if they run out of money.

Big Spenders

They love nice cars, new gadgets, and brand-name clothing. People with such a personality desire to have the latest mobile phone, the biggest television, or a beautiful home. They are comfortable spending money with no fear for debt and take big risks when investing.


Shoppers develop emotional satisfaction from spending money. They can’t resist spending, even if it’s to buy items they don’t need. They are aware of their addiction and are concerned about the debt that it creates.


They don’t spend much time thinking about their money and don’t have attention on what they spend and where they spend it. They spend more than they earn without thought into investing.


Investors are aware of money and understand their financial situations and try to put their money to work. They are driven by careful decision-making, and their investments reflect the need to take a certain amount of risk in pursuit of their goals.

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