Uganda Marketers, Advertisers partner to professionalise industry

Uganda Advertising Association (UAA), an umbrella organization uniting Creative Communication, Advertising and Media Agencies in the country and Uganda Marketers Society (UMS), the leading organization for marketing professionals in Uganda have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of streamlining basic principles in executing their close-linked roles in the communication and marketing space.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held in Kololo, Sharon Kiggundu DipM, MCIM President of the Marketers Society said, “Advertising is a crucial element of marketing and as such we must work together with the creatives and media buyers to ensure that we have set and execute standards and guidelines to deliver top quality and responsive communication in our market which we also want to see recognized on a global scale. Today kick-starts this process of alignment and enlightenment of our respective members on the basics which we will review and polish as we go along.”

Frank Muthusi, Chairman of the Uganda Advertising Association added that “Through the individual business relationships of our respective members, we have identified both common challenges in the performance of obligations in the advertising and marketing industries and collaboration avenues where a mutual understanding can foster a good working relationship for our members. The Marketers Society comprises of many of our agency client representatives and we hope that through this partnership, we will be able to educate and learn from each other as a lead up to a stronger partnership and inevitably professionalize our practice.”

Uganda Marketers Society currently comprises over 200 members while the Uganda Advertising Association is comprised of 13 advertising agencies in the country.

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