Temporary Driving Licensing Center Opens in Lira

The Ministry of Works and Transport has opened temporary offices in Lira City to issue driving licenses for the next six days. Dubbed the “Mobile licensing System”, the center started operating on Monday ahead of the planned opening of a permanent licensing center for the sub-region in the near future.

For almost a decade, the business community and general public in Lango have demanded the establishment of a driving permit distribution center in Lira. They argued that accessing the Gulu center, which serves Acholi, Lango, and Karamoja sub-regions is not only time-wasting but also costly in terms of transportation, accommodation, and other social amenities.

The mobile center will offer full services including recieving payments for driving licenses, renewal of driving licenses and offering driving tests. Brian Matsiko, the ICT Officer in charge of the Uganda Driver Licensing System at the Ministry explained that the mobile center will only operate for a short while as the ministry organizes to set up a permanent center in Lira.

Dr. Jane Aceng, the Minister of Health and the Patron of the Lira United Motorcycle Boda-Boda Association (LUMBA), says that the development will solve the inconveniences and financial losses that the locals have been incurring in processing their licenses. She advised all riders and drivers to embrace proper training and observance of traffic rules to avoid unnecessary road crushes.

The mobile license system excited mostly Boda boda riders who took to the streets to celebrate the development, saying for a long time, they have been spending a lot of money in processing their licenses from Gulu.

Mathew Ameny, a Boda boda rider, who said he has never bothered to acquire a riding license because of his busy schedule is now happy that with the opportunity in Lira, he will be able to process his license.

Currently, the Ministry operates seven driving licensing centers in Kampala, Jinja, Mbale, Gulu, Arua, Fort Portal, and Mbarara. There are plans to open five new offices in Lira, Masaka, Hoima cities and Kabale and Moroto municipalities.

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