Strategic sales techniques to adopt

There are many sales techniques to close deals faster and sell more effectively, you don’t necessarily need to choose or even apply multiple methodologies to different parts of your sales process.

Here are some important selling tips to keep in mind hopefully, they can help you as you embark on uncharted territory. 

Tell a great story

A clear and convincing story that describes how you and the client partner up to tackle a major problem will help them wrap their head around your solution and make it easier to say yes.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes

The buyer doesn’t care about all of that. You’ve got to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself, “If I had my client’s problem, what do I want to hear from a salesperson? What would convince me to pull the trigger?”

Contact a lead immediately

As soon as you get one, you need to make contact within the first few minutes as you are more likely to convert them than the ones you waited hours to call.

Keep contacting them

Too many people make a couple of attempts to contact a lead and then scratch them off the list. To be successful, you need to be a little more persistent, you should go for around six attempts to contact a lead

Ask your customers how the pandemic has affected them

The pandemic has affected every industry in a variety of different ways. So, ask your customer questions about how the pandemic has affected their specific business. You can use this information to craft solutions to their specific challenges.

Show your unique value

What do you bring to the table that’s different, or what extra benefit can you provide? Brainstorm with colleagues to determine the one unique thing you bring that nobody else does, and feature that in every future pitch.

The customer is right about everything

Never argue with your customer. Whatever they say to you, no matter how wrong it is, you need to find some way to agree with them and account towards why your product would still be the right choice.

You don’t need to be right, you need to make a sale. Keep that perspective and respect whatever the client says.

Take your client by the hand

A client expects you to tell them what to do next, whether that means starting a trial of your product or making a purchasing decision. A customer is always looking towards you for leadership.

When there’s a sign in the conversation indicating the customer is waiting for the next step, jump in to propose what the client should do next.

Be flexible

You should always be ready to shift price and terms depending on your customer’s needs, you need to have a proposal ready.

Consult with members of your team and determine what flexibility you have in pricing and terms.

Be prepared for your next sales pitch

Preparation is key, whether it means understanding your client’s needs or what kind of flexible terms and prices you can offer.

It’s a good idea to set aside a day to just work on many of these techniques and start preparing for your next sales pitch.

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