Police Recover Suspected Vandalized Electricity Conductors from Steel Factory

Kiira Region police have confirmed the recovery of two truckloads of electricity conductors from the Jinja-based Giant steel factory. The conductors believed to have been vandalized were recovered on a tip-off from informants attached to the Electricity Regulatory Authority-ERA, who tracked down the suspicious electricity conductors from Mabira forest to the factory premises on Saturday.

The informants alerted the police and UMEME authorities who jointly rounded off the factory premises prompting the suspects to flee and abandoned the trucks. Police impounded the unspecified meters of electrical conductors and two FUSO trucks registration numbers UAZ 081T and UAX 368U and took them to the Kiira regional police compound and Nalufenya police station parking yard respectively.

Officials from Giant steel factory have since declined to comment on the matter. However, Edward Katongole, who allegedly ferried the conductors to their premises informed the police before fleeing that he had bought the electrical conductors from UMEME’s Lugogo-based disposal plant but declined to reveal how much he invested in the conductors, saying it was confidential. But when tasked to produce documentation confirming his transaction, he instead fled.

A technician from UMEME told URN on condition of anonymity that the impounded electricity conductors measure about 8000 meters. A team has been tasked to take the proper measurements to ascertain the length of the cables. Kiira Regional Police Spokesperson, James Mubi, says that efforts of hunting down all the suspects involved in this vandalism act are underway.

He noted that they have been at the forefront of fighting vandalism with over six renowned electricity power line vandals prosecuted before the utility court in the year, 2022. He also reveals that police have also recovered several exhibits ranging from electricity conductors and yaka meters among others and handed them over to the respective power supervisory agencies. 

Mubi raises a red flag over illegal power connections, saying that whereas most victims are reluctant to report fatal cases for fear of being reprimanded, it has resulted in five deaths in the past 12 months.  He says that they have extensively deployed plain-clothed police personnel along the electricity power lines in Mafubira, Kakira, Bugembe, and Buwenge, which are highly targeted by vandals.

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