Pakwach Imposes Livestock Quarantine to Curb Contagious Disease

Pakwach district has issued a temporary animal quarantine in five sub-counties due to the outbreak of Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) and Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia (CCPP), which are affecting livestock. 

The quarantine covers Payimur sub-county, Payimur town council, Alwi sub-county, Pakwach sub-county, and Panyango sub-county, where cases of respiratory diseases have been reported since April this year.

Robert Canpara, Pakwach district veterinary officer, explains that the quarantine was imposed after the death of 26 heads of cattle and 246 goats out of the 146 infected cattle and 642 infected goats. Vaccines have been received to facilitate mass vaccination in the affected areas.

As per the quarantine guidelines, the movement of animals and animal products such as milk, meat, skins, dung or manure, horns, hooves, and other materials in and out of the affected sub-counties and town council is prohibited until further notice.

Robert Omito Steen, Pakwach district LC V chairperson, appeals to livestock farmers in the affected areas to ensure their animals are vaccinated promptly to facilitate the lifting of the quarantine.

Cephas Gwoktho, LC III chairperson for Pakwach sub-county says that they are prepared to enforce the ban effectively to prevent the spread of the disease and help livestock farmers and traders regain their livelihoods as soon as possible.

CBPP and CCPP are major infectious diseases caused by mycoplasmas and affect ruminants. The diseases are transmitted through direct contact and inhalation of droplets from infected animals. Symptoms include fever, nasal discharge, coughing, difficult respiration, edema, and lung tissue abnormalities.

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