NWSC Set to Increase Water Supply in Kasese

The construction of a new water pump station in Kasese municipality is nearing completion, according to the National Water and Sewerage Corporation – NWSC. Once completed, the new water pump station at River Kyanzutsu will increase the water supply to Kilembe Treatment Plant and boost the water supply in Kasese.

Currently, the water supply to the town is short by 1.5 million liters daily. Peter Ebwaat, the Manager NWSC Kasese branch says that there is increasing demand for water services in the municipality, which prompted the corporation to explore various ways to meet the demands.  Ebwaat is hopeful that the new water pump station will produce about 3.5-3.6 million liters daily.

Ebwaat attributes the shortage of water to the dry spell that has hit the district and communities diverting the water from the upper stream to irrigate their crops. The manager is hopeful that all work will be completed before mid-this year.    

Water consumers in Kasese municipality have decried the continued shortage of water as the dry spell sets and want the corporation to accelerate the works so that they can have relief. The water body currently rations supply. Geoffrey Bwambale, a resident of Kisanga in Nyamwmaba division, says searching for water is exposing residents to many risks including being attacked by thugs. Usually, water comes during night hours.  

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