Mbarara Central Market Vendors Petition Authorities Over Rental Charges

Mbarara Central Market vendors have petitioned the city authorities demanding a reduction of the rental fees.

According to the rates set by the council, traders with stalls and pitches for food, fresh vegetables, and fruits will pay 30,000 Shillings, beef and fish butchers 150,000 Shillings, single lockups on level1 and 2 pay 150,000 Shillings while double lockups on the same levels will pay 200,000 Shillings. The other is a food court and restaurants will pay between 200,000 and 300,000 Shillings.

The vendors have rejected the rates and petitioned the city clerk and Mayor demanding that the dues are reduced.

Emmanuel Muhumuza the Chairperson Mbarara City Vendors Association says that they are yet to receive a response from the authorities.  

Priscah Murongo the Deputy City Mayor confirmed they have received five petitions from the vendors noting that they have set up a five-man committee led by the City Clerk to assess the fees.

She says the committee includes three vendors from their Association, the Commercial Officer, both Male and Female Workers Councilor, and Chairperson Multipurpose Committee.

Ben Twahirwa, the councilor representing workers says that he has personally received a petition from the vendors who want the fees reviewed.

However, Mohamed Byansi, the Mbarara City South A councilor says that the vendors were exempted from paying the rental fees for two months. He says that a reduction of the dues could affect the collection of local revenue.

Richard Mugisha, the Deputy City Clerk says that the committee that was set up has been given one month to revise the rates.

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