Local marketing strategies for business owners

Local marketing is an essential element for small businesses, as it can get your brand in front of a broader local audience that is likely to patronize your business in the near future. But what can you do as an entrepreneur to improve your small business’s reach with a local audience?

Many local marketing strategies involve tailoring tactics to bring local clientele and this guide includes free tips that can improve your local marketing strategy.

Know the audience

You should not only know what group the ideal customer belongs to, but also have an idea of the ideal customer’s interests and what will appeal to them. You should also find out where your audience is like; what social media platforms does your audience spend the most time on?

Target the audience

When you know who and where your audience is, you need to reach them. Build your campaigns around the audience’s interests. Use keywords they’ll be searching for and make advertisements that explain how your product or service solves a problem the audience has.

Take advantage of local directories

An easy way to drive local traffic is to make sure you show up in local search results. You can do this by listing your company on sites like Google My Business.

Get involved in your community

Find local events and participate. Volunteer for a cause in your community, and wear T-shirts with your logo. Donate prizes to competitions and contests that will engage your community and make them want to come back to your company.

Gather and post testimonials

When you find positive feedback, share it and post it on other sites. When you have positive interactions with customers, encourage those customers to write and share good reviews.

Use local media

Don’t underestimate the power of local media, especially in a small town. Local newspapers, radio stations or shows can be highly effective if you’re looking to generate more traffic.

Use social media to engage the audience

Social media can be a great way to connect with an audience in a professional and human way. Use social channels that your local target market is on to answer customer questions and have conversations with your audience.

Partner with other local businesses

Cross-promotion can be a highly effective method of marketing. It is a mutual benefit marketing method that involves two or more businesses promoting each other to their customers. This allows each company to gain more customers and boost sales.

Run a contest or giveaway

People love free stuff! Therefore, a great way to promote your giveaway is through social media, email, your website, or even the local paper or a nearby radio station. Incases of physical business locations, you could use this; “The first “number” of customers to stop by today will get a free “product or service”

Host or sponsor local events

Whether you choose a seminar or social dance party, or any other event you feel will attract the audience you seek, this method is often effective because you are allowing people to have a good time or get information.

Local marketing targets an audience based in the same town or region as your business. Many local marketing strategies are free to implement and can be easily accomplished.

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