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There are over 23000 million small and medium-sized businesses in Africa. Most of these businesses are either just at the beginning of making money, seeking to expand, or looking for better ways of having investors. Whereas the businesses operate differently, some have physical shops and others operate virtually, all these businesses need to keep proper records.

This is because these businesses can only be able to make money, expand or get investors with proper business records which show accountability, performance of the business to mention but a few. These businesses find it hard to achieve their goals of development because they don’t have proper records about their businesses.

Most of these businesses use books to keep records which is cumbersome because one has to have different books for everything which may often not be safe. This system has made it hard for businesses to develop from where they started, precisely because they are unable to keep track and proper record of all the books of the business. This kind of system is not secure because of the so many risks associated with keeping books.

On the other hand, some businesses don’t keep any of their records anywhere. Consequently, these businesses are likely to find it hard to expand and make money, acquire loans or investors because of no guarantee of how the business is running making it hard for them to develop.

Nevertheless, all these hitches can be solved by Kippa bookkeeping App. Kippa is a startup company whose aim is to help small and medium-sized business owners across Africa manage their business records. Kippa Bookkeeping app doesn’t only look at keeping records of expenditure and profits, but also has features that help a business keep records of their creditors and debtors, employees’ performance, an inventory feature to mention but a few. The app makes credit and debt collection easy.

This startup makes it easy for businesses to grow bigger as it lessens the burden of keeping records in several books, making it easy to track how the business is running. The bookkeeping app also offsets the risk of safety of the business books records as it retains all the business records virtually in one place and makes them easily accessible.

Business owners can easily acquire investors for their business since it makes it easier for them to have guarantee of growth of these businesses in case of investments made. Acquiring loans is also made easy as financial institutions have a guarantee of the creditability of the businesses. This is made possible because Kippa is easily accessible and has a clear track record of one’s business.

Kippa has over one thousand small and medium-sized businesses that are currently using it to keep their business records. These businesses are now able to run smoothly and adventure into all options growing bigger because Kippa has made it easy for them to keep their records that they would use to venture into other means of getting more income inflow as loans and investors.

Kippa bookkeeping app is an application every small or medium-sized business owner needs. If you intend to start a business and want it to run smoothly, you will need Kippa Bookkeeping App. The reason is quite precise because it lessens the burden of record-keeping of the business which makes the business development more guaranteed contrary to pen and book system of keeping business records that is cumbersome and highly unsafe.

Anyone can download Kippa for their for business bookkeeping via Android and Apple App-stores. The application is completely free and gives a lot of features that can be used by your business to grow.

You need Kippa bookkeeping App for your business to grow!

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