KCCA Lists 31 roads in the City that will be Reconstructed

 Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has listed about 31 roads in the city that have been considered for reconstruction starting February this year.

In the recent months, the public has always shared their frustration with the state of the roads in different parts of Kampala on social networks with hope that they’re worked on and it seems the city authorities have heard the cry.

According KCCA, the roads that will be reconstructed are within the five divisions of Central, Kawempe, Lubaga, Nakawa and Makindye.

The government aquired $288m (Shs1 trillion) from the African Development Bank (ADB) and the African Development Fund to implement  the reconstruct the road in the five division which as a whole make the city. the Kampala City Roads Rehabilitation Project (KCRRP).

Commenting on the aquired funds and the Kampala City Roads Rehabilitation Project (KCRRP), the KCCA spokesperson Simon Kasyate shared, “This project is aimed at increasing the stock and quality of the City’s strategic infrastructure to accelerate Uganda’s competitiveness. This is against the background that Kampala requires significant infrastructural investments to shore up its productivity and ease of doing business.”

He added that the fifth(0.8km), sixth(1.95km), seventh(1.86km), and eight(2.73km) streets in Industrial Area are among the 31 roads lined up for reconstruction after a contract was signed with China Railway 18th Bureau Group Co. Ltd.

The 8.5km Salaama road in Makindye division is also part of the 31 roads lined up for reconstruction starting February.

Kampala city currently has 2,100 km of roads, of which only 600 km are paved or tarmacked but 1,500 km are not paved.

He explained that the reconstruction project has divided the roads  into five lots with all, but lot four having concluded the procurement and  deployment of the contractor on sites shall be by end year.

However, despite the reconstruction , other roads will continue being in the dire state but the KCCA spokesperson explained that due to limited funds, they had to prioritise.

“If you have problems worth shs 10million and  you get shs4 million, reasonably you will prioritise  as you wait for balance of shs6 million and hope you don’t get more problems needing more money.  What is of essence is at least KCCA went into rehabilitating some roads because  could have diverted the money to schools or health centers which are also in dire need,” Kasyate said.

In her end-of-year 2022 remarks, KCCA Executive Director, Ms. Dorothy Kisaka blamed the increased car load on roads for the increased wear and tear.

Commenting on floods usually seen in different parts of the city she said, “The poor waste disposal practices overstrain our roads. Residents throw polythene and organic food into drainages, and they get blocked. The drainages are not wide enough to carry large volumes of rainwater. Construction in wetlands ruined waterways.”

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