It is Unnecessary to Hike Fuel Prices, Says PM Nabbanja

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has advised Ugandans to avoid fueling from gas stations that have hiked prices. According to Nabbanja, it is unnecessary for any station to hike the prices because measures have been put in place to ease the movement of fuel tankers across borders.

Over the past couple of days, fuel prices have been shooting above the roof occasioned by scarcity of the fuel. The scarcity was due to the Covid-19 measures by government, requiring mandatory covid testing at two border points. First, drivers protested the move, saying that it came at a high cost. Secondly, it caused a gridlock at the border stretching for over 70km.

However, the government announced it had suspended the mandatory testing to ease the movement of trucks and consequently arrest the shooting fuel prices.

Experts say Ugandans will have to wait for at least a fortnight for the fuel prices to drop.

 Solomon Muyita, the spokesperson of the Energy Ministry, says the country on average uses 6.5 million litres of fuel per day and about 200 million litres per month.

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