INTERVIEW: Meet Faith Lagum, a young entrepreneur behind Kae Products

Lagum Mirriam Faith is a young graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance whose desire for financial independence drove her to start up her own business two years ago after her graduation. Lagum runs Kae Products which deals in organic peanut butter (kipoli/odi).

Lagum was advised by her friend to venture into this business after tasting the peanut butter she had made for her personal consumption.

“One of my good friends was my first client. She was very supportive and advised me to venture into it as a business.” She said.

Just like any other business, she faced challenges from most of the potential clients who wanted her product at a relatively cheaper price but she did not give in to their demands. They later resorted to buying from the streets at a cheaper price.

“I didn’t give up because I knew the good quality of my products and I stuck to the price.” She explained.

Positive feedback from the clients kept her going but the biggest challenge was in 2020 when the country was put under lockdown. The unemployed Lagum had plans of using the money she had saved to buy a grinding machine so as to lower her costs but this faced a blow since she closed down the business and used the savings for survival during the lockdown.

“However, I used this time to think and got back on my feet after lockdown. This is when I embraced digital marketing for my business and I have never looked back.” She said.

Her business has since then grown as she sells in retail, wholesale and also supplies to a couple of shops which has increased her market base.

She is currently using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp to market her products. These platforms have also enabled her to help other businesses that seek advice from her.

When asked about her future plans, Lagum revealed that “My future plan is to open a physical out-let since I have been operating online,  get my own grinding machine and employ a few people to help me out. I also plan on introducing other organic products as well.”

“My business has helped me to be financially independent and to also look at life from a different perspective. That is to say, I now know that in order to get something for myself I have to work harder for it.” Lagum said.

Lagum advises young people who think about starting up something not to wait till they have that much capital to start up. According to Lagum, the biggest capital is the brain and determination.

“What I urge my fellow business owners and those who want to start up is to always and always think about the people they’re selling to or want to sell to because that’s where our inspiration comes from.” Lagum highlighted.

Find her business on Twitter @KaeProductsUG, Instagram @kaeproductsug, and Facebook @KaeproductsUG

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