Inquiries Into Murder of Indian Money Lender in Advanced Stages

The Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court has further remanded a police Police Constable Ivan Wabwire, who is accused of murdering an Indian Money Lender in Kampala, more than a month ago.

It is alleged that on May 12, 2023, at Raja Chambers along Parliament Avenue in Kampala, with malice aforethought, Wabwire unlawfully killed the Indian Money Lender- Uttam Bhandari Saremal, the director of TFS Financial Services, a firm which regularly offered loans to police officers and other members of the public.

Records indicate that Wabwire had acquired a loan worth 1 million Shillings from the firm in 2020 which accumulated interest of  320,000 Shillings in 12 months. He obtained a second loan of the same amount in 2021 but defaulted on the payments.

It was alleged that Wabwire visited the money lender to ask for a quotation so that the loan could be bought off by another bank. In an argument that ensued, he shot the Indian national, returned the gun to the Central Police Station in Kampala and fled to Busia where he was arrested days later.

In the aftermath, Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, explained that Wabwire had been diagnosed with a mental illness and that the leadership at Kampala Central police station had taken a decision never to deploy him with a rifle or in situations that demand him to use a weapon.

However, police Spokesperson Enanga said later that the force’s surgeons examined Wabwire and found that he was normal and acted with full consciousness when shooting the Money lender. This, therefore, meant that he could withstand a trial for the crime committed.

But on Wednesday when the matter came up, the Court presided over by Chief Magistrate Ronald Kayizzi heard that investigations into the matter are now in advanced stages. Without divulging details, State Attorney Ivan Kyazze informed the Court that they are just waiting for a Psychiatric report to ascertain Wabwire’s mental status.

Kayizzi is optimistic that the report would be issued soon so that Wabwire is committed to the High Court for trial, during his next appearance. Wabwire is now expected to appear before the court on July 27, 2023.

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