I Knew This Day Would Come—Bitature on Recent Business Challenges

Businessman Patrick Bitature has recently been in the news for the wrong reasons. It emerged recently that his property was up for sale by auction after he allegedly defaulted on loans extended to him by a South African based entity named, Vantage Capital. The company is said to have lent Bitature over $10m in 2014 for real estate development.

Although Bitature through his lawyers, Muwema and Co. Advocates trashed the claims that his properties were up for sale, his name was tainted.

The businessman has now issued a statement assuring his customers, suppliers and friends that all will be well.

“Though the last few days have been very tough for me personally and for our group as a whole as we made news for all the wrong reasons, I want to reassure all our staff on the frontline of service to our customers, all our suppliers and you our customers that I shall resolve and face all these challenges.

There are certain things that I am unable to speak about right now, especially on Social Media but when the time is right, I shall speak to them.

Until then, be assured of my resolve to continue making our contribution to the transformation of our country,” he wrote on social media

He went ahead to say that he expected these challenges. “I knew that one day these kinds of headlines would cast a cloud over decades of hard work. As you all know today, we live in a world of 24 hour news cycle full of opinions, suspicion and innuendos, for that I make no judgment and hold no grudge.”

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