How to attract new customers to your business

Without customers, you don’t have a business. But attracting new customers doesn’t happen overnight. You have to find ways to reach them, draw them in, and keep them coming back for more. Your business needs a marketing plan that addresses how to attract customers.

If your New Year’s resolution was to increase your customer base. Here are some tips to help you attract more customers.

Identify your ideal new customers

One of the most effective strategies is knowing your customers. The questions includes; Who is your ideal new customer? and What does your ideal new customer want from your business?

It’s easier to develop an effective marketing strategy for a specific audience than for every person because not every person will want the exact same thing, so you have to cast a huge net to draw mass attention.

Direct response marketing to attract customers

Direct response marketing is a tactic where you ask your customers to engage in a call to action that involves responding to an email or opting into your email marketing group.

Direct marketing works best when you design compelling messages designed to attract customers and pique their collective interest. Some brands do it by offering rewards for signing up. Others offer a discount on the next purchase after signing up for the email list.

Take advantage of online ratings and reviews sites

Consumers, both in the B2B and B2C worlds frequently turn to online ratings and review sites before they do business with a company they are not familiar with. So make sure you monitor those sites, responding to any complaints. Make the most of these reviews by linking them on your website. Social proof is powerful, and new customers are more likely to give your business a try if they see others praising it.

Give something away to entice new customers

Giving away free or discounted products can bring customers through your doors. For example, you can offer a discount for first-time customers for example they get 10% off on their first purchase. You can also offer incentives for your current customers to refer new customers like offering them a percentage off for every new customer they bring in. Then you have new customers coming in and your original customer will come back to take advantage of the discount.

Re-contact old customers

Go back to your lapsed customer contact list and market to former customers who haven’t done business with you for a while. Create a regular schedule to do this. Reach out to them via email, direct mail, text or phone with a “we miss you message, “ offering some type of deal or promotion if they’ll come back.

Offer new customers discounts and promotions

Consumers today are still looking for value and deals. Lure them into your business by offering new customers introductory discounts, or specials, such as buy 2-get-1-for half-price, or free gift wrapping for their first three purchases. Bargains like these can attract new customers who have been considering doing business with you but needed an incentive to actually change their shopping habits. Then track what they buy, and which offers they redeemed so you can better target them with future marketing messages that cement their loyalty.

Ask for referrals

Once you gain a customer’s loyalty, put that to work for you by asking them for referrals. Asking your current customers for referrals are one of the best ways to get new customers. Create a systemized approach to actively solicit referrals from your satisfied customers. Build referral-generating activity into the sales process. Send follow-up emails to make sure customers are happy with their purchases, and then follow that up with another email asking for a referral.

Partner with complementary businesses.

Teaming up with businesses that have a similar customer base, but aren’t directly competitive, and strategizing how you can market to one another’s customers to drive new business is a smart way to attract new customers while not spending a fortune. For instance, if you sell baby products, working with a business that sells maternity clothes would be a great partnership.


There’s no better way to raise brand awareness than meeting new people, telling them who you are and what you do. Join your trade association and networking organizations. Attend events. If you own a local business, even going to school meetings can be a good networking opportunity.

Update your website

Online search is the primary way both consumers and B2B buyers find new businesses. Your website has to do the heavy lifting so customers can find you. Review your search engine marketing and search engine optimization tactics and techniques and making sure your site is mobile-friendly. Even your site design makes a difference. Too many graphics can slow your site’s load-speed, which is a customer turn-off. If you don’t have the expertise, hire a website design company and an SEO expert to help.

Promote your expertise

You can generate interest and even create buzz, attracting new customers and getting more business from your existing client base by showcasing your industry expertise. Volunteering to speak on industry panels or giving a webinar or workshop, speaking at industry events or to groups your target customers belong to, or holding educational sessions are just a few ways you can make a good impression on potential new customers and clients. This technique works particularly well for B2B business owners.

Participate in community events

Raise your profile in your community by participating in charity events and organizations. Sponsor a local fun run, organize a donation among other options. All this raises your profile which helps attract new customers.

Figuring out how to attract customers is a matter of a bit of common sense and some tactical business moves but all of that will pay off as your customer base grows.

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