Heavy Rains Destroy Property, Disrupt Business in Kampala 

Heavy rains on Friday destroyed property and paralyzed business in Kampala’s Central Business District.

The downpour was accompanied by hailstorms and strong winds which pulled down billboards and trees in some parts of the city destroying vehicles.

In Makindye Division a tree fell blocking Mobuto Road disrupting traffic to Luwafu. All vehicles that were heading to the side of the General Court Martial and the Makindye Magistrates Court were diverted to the road near Land Star Hotel.

At Mid-City washing bay near Theatre Labonita and Statistics House, another tree fell destroying six vehicles.  Other trees blocked Jinja Road near the Railway grounds causing a traffic jam.

One man only identified as Haruna, who works at Mid-City washing bay said that the vehicles damaged vehicles belonged to their customers, who park at the bay and walk to their offices.

At Prism Building on Kampala Road, strong winds shattered the glasses and destroyed cars and motorcycles that were parked along the road.

Another Boda Boda cyclist along Buganda Road said that he was riding along Kampala road when strong winds blew from the side of Bank of Uganda towards Bombo road. He parked along Kampala road and saw glasses falling from storied buildings and people running out in fear.

Police Officers from the Fire Brigade were seen cutting the tree branches and clearing the roads to allow traffic to flow smoothly.

In parts of downtown Kampala, traders who anticipated the heavy rains could cause floods rushed to remove their merchandise from the shops.

Last month, the Uganda National Metrological Authority warned that this month is likely to be characterized by heavy rainfall.

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