Discovering What You’re Good At.

Discovering what you are naturally good at can be challenging, but by following these steps, you could make the process of finding your hidden talents and skills a lot easier.

Start With One Existing Skill You Know You Have

This can be something you do for a living or as a hobby, something you studied in school or people tell you you’re good at, or anything in which you have some competency.

Step outside of your comfort zone

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a necessity if you are testing your strengths or improving your abilities.

Think about what you enjoy
From time to time, it is important to consider what you enjoy doing, from your hobbies to your interests.

Ask for feedback
Trying to discover what you’re good at comes by asking for feedback from family, friends, colleagues. Their comments may be surprising to you because they may direct your attention towards things you never considered.

List your strengths and weaknesses
What are we good at? What are we bad at? You won’t truly know unless we think about it and write it down. And this is what you need to do moving forward.

Take a career assessment
Career test is an essential tool for self-discovery which could help you get a better understanding of your talents as well as explore your personality traits, motivations and broader interests.
It can help you get a better understanding of your hidden talents.

Find out how you occupy your time when you’re not in the office and then prioritize.Make time that is just for you; self-discovery requires ‘me time. Build on a current skill you have, like composing music or writing poetry. Try an activity that you have never experienced before.

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