Curfew Restrictions for Boda Bodas Lifted

Boda bodas will now have more work time following a directive by President Museveni that they should be allowed to work trans night.

Yet all the other restrictions on other sectors had been lifted, boda bodas were still limited to stopping at 7pm. The President directed that they are let to do work freely like others.

“I know some are thieves and others are murderers but we shall see how to deal with them in another way but not closing them. We are to introduce digital monitors in all motorcycles and vehicles at their cost,” he said during the Tarehe-Sita celebrations in Mbale on Sunday.

Minister said the issue of riding on bodas or vehicles to commit crimes is going to be combated when the digital monitoring system is put into effect soon. He also said the installation of spy chips in all cars will be done within the next six months.

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