Culprits to Pay UGX 30,000 Fine for Littering in Lira Market

Authorities of Lira Main Market have imposed a fine of 30,000 Shillings on anyone found littering in and around the market. The move is aimed at improving solid waste management in the market.

The resolution followed the temporary closure of the Market on Tuesday after a huge volume of waste accumulated at its main entrance. The market was later re-opened after successfully removing the waste.

Bazil Edwoko, the Market Chairperson advised the market vendors to have dustbins which they will individually load onto the garbage truck saying there is no space for garbage around the market. He added that whoever disposes of garbage at any point in or around the market will be penalised.

The resolution has been positively received by vendors who believe that implementing it will keep the market clean. Ann Adupa, a food vendor at the market says the fine will simplify the work of the market cleaners because all the waste will be collected in an organized manner.

A shoe vendor identified as Ken Paskal Olong wants the authorities to strictly implement the resolution, especially on people who drop rubbish as they walk past the market.

Sharon Laker, a resident of Lira City East Division believes that since most people fear wasting money or being arrested, they will be forced to keep the market clean.

Lira City Female Workers’ representative Sarah Awor Angweri, says it is the responsibility of every vendor to ensure that their surrounding is clean by dropping their rubbish in the garbage skips and later into the garbage truck.

Early this week, Lira City garbage collectors laid down their tools in protest over unpaid arrears. The group, mostly women are said to have gone without being paid for over five months.

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