Centenary Bank Appoints Peter Kahiigi as Chief Technology Officer

Centenary Bank has appointed Peter Kahiigi as Cente-Tech’s Chief Technology Officer. The bank announced the appointment through their website on Monday.

Kahiigi is an expert with Oxford University’s Global Center for Cyber Security and has previously worked in the Government of Uganda’s ICT sector where he was heralded for the nation’s incredible progress in the digitization effort. He was the cornerstone for the revival and expansion of the National fibre optic backbone, as well as development & deepening of e-services. The current appreciation and inclusion of ICT as a development pillar in the National Development Plan III is partly attributed to Kahiigi ’s efforts.

He joins Dr. Grace Ssekakubo, a seasoned IT Specialist, at Cente-Tech’s helm.

He is expected to provide strategic leadership in the development of technologically innovative solutions for Cente-Tech’s clients that also include the public and private sector. 

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