Bwaise Transit Terminal Developers Seek Gov’t Funding to Complete Project

The developers of the Bwaise transit terminal in Kawempe division in Kampala are seeking government funding to complete the project.

The terminal is intended to accommodate taxis and buses from various regions, including northern Uganda, Kayunga-Bugerere, and Kiboga on Hoima Road.

The Bwaise terminal was initially planned as a public-private partnership, but the government has not provided any support so far, according to Fred Bogere, one of the directors of investment involved in the project.

Despite the potential for other lucrative investments, the developers have chosen to prioritize the public interest by utilizing the land for the transit terminal.

Currently, the project is 65% complete, with an investment of 12.7 billion Shillings over three decades since the land acquisition in 1985. To finish the first phase and ensure the smooth operation of the terminal, an additional 3.5 billion Shillings is needed for the completion of the terminal’s infrastructure.

One of the challenges faced by the developers is the dumping of garbage and silt by neighboring residents, which may cause drainage issues and potential flooding. Bogere has requested the intervention of Mayor Emanuel Sserunjogi to ensure that carpenters and timber traders in Bwaise dispose of their waste properly and avoid damaging the drainage system.

While some taxi operators in Bwaise and other areas have shown interest in using the established terminal to decongest the roads, taxi groups in Bwaise have yet to form a unified body to operate within the facility.

Mayor Sserunjogi plans to engage with the Resident City Commissioner (RCC) of Kawempe, Suleiman Walugembe, to convene a meeting and encourage the formation of a single taxi body to prevent conflicts.

Mayor Sserunjogi also appealed to the government to support local investors by offering tax holidays and other benefits, similar to what is provided to foreign investors.

The Bwaise transit terminal, developed by Kampala Logistics Center (Kalocen) Investments, is situated on over six acres of land located between the Northern bypass, Bombo Road, and Mambule Road.

Other transit terminals, including Natete and Banda, were also suggested by the former Kampala City Council (KCC) to serve as stop centers for buses and taxis from different regions of the country.

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