Businessman Hospitalized After Failing to Kill Himself in Soroti Market

Police and army in Soroti are watching over a 30-year-old businessman who is undergoing treatment at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital after jumping off from Soroti Main Market.

Allan Onyait, a resident of Orungo Sub County in Amuria district climbed to the second floor of the new market and decided to summersault to the ground on Thursday evening.

The reasons for the decision have not yet been established, Onyait survived the crash when he landed on the jerricans and was rushed to the hospital.

Moses Mwanga Kitiyo, the East Kyoga Regional Police Commander says that Onyait has been operating some business in the main market but developed some issues with the family. According to Mwanga, the patient’s mother, whose names was withheld called one of the uncles identified as Simon Ongodia to check on the nephew in the market.

Mwanga added that the survivor will be produced to court once he is discharged from the hospital for attempting suicide. According to the Penal Code Act of Uganda, suicide is as a criminal act and those who fails to accomplish it get six months in prison to help them  keep safe and give them time to change their mindset about suicide.

Agnes Akwii, one of the vendors in Soroti Main Market says that Onyait first went to seek treatment in a clinic before he returned to the market. “He gave the uncle his belongings including the mobile phone but the phone, didn’t have a single contact or message left, having ensured that everything was deleted,” she said.

She added that when his pockets were checked, only a test of Urinary Tract Infection- UTI was positive.  But at the hospital, a soldier at the rank of Major had been deployed to guard the survivor and prevent Journalists from accessing information from the family.

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