Botched Mbarara City Boda Boda Rider’s Nominations Resume Today

The nominations of candidates for the Mbarara City Boda boda riders’ top leadership hit a snag on Monday when over 1000 riders stormed the office of the Resident City Commissioner citing fraud in the process.

They accused the Electoral Commission chaired by Richard Kignudu of disqualifying some people and announcing others unopposed without any justifiable reasons and failing to give them chance to petition against their disqualification. 

Among those disqualified included the Former Chairperson of the City Boada Boda Association Sadius Owokunda Salongo and other Division Chairpersons. 

However, the Electoral Commission Chairperson, Richard Kigundu, says that he disqualified the complainants on grounds that they don’t have stages within the city while others had a criminal record, and lacked clearance letters from the District Internal Security Officer and supporting signatures for their nomination. 

He explains that Sadius was specifically ejected from the race for failing to hand over the stamp and organize fresh elections when his term expired last year.

He announced Majidu Luganda as the duly elected Chairperson of Mbarara City General Boda Boda Association, which drew protests from the riders prompting them to storm the RCC’s office. 

Benson Kazire, the former chairperson of Mbarara Boda Boda Night Operators, says that he was disqualified on allegations that he was a criminal yet he presented clearance letters from the DISO and his local council chairperson.

On other hand, Sadius Owukunda, says that he was disqualified wrongly for reasons that can’t be proven with evidence noting that the chairperson of the Electoral Body had an interest in his opponent.

James Mwesigye, the Mbarara City Resident Commissioner later called off the nomination process and postponed it today. He directed that the nomination be done by the Electoral Commission in the presence of the City Clerk, Deputy Mayor, and the DISO.

Muganzi Priscah Mulongo, the Mbarara Deputy City Mayor, says the process was messed up because the chairperson failed to follow the election roadmap by announcing the winners before December 13th, 2022, the day that was set for voting.

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