Are There Different Types of Loyal Customers?

People are loyal for various reasons, but it’s easier when grouped into distinct loyalty categories;


These customers are with you only because of low prices. If they can save money elsewhere, they’ll leave. If you offer the best price again, they’ll return.

Happy Customer

These customers like your products or services, have never complained, and probably have purchased from you a couple of times. But your competitors can easily steal them: all it takes is a better deal or discount.


These customers are loyal only because your brand is easy to communicate with, easy to find, and easy to purchase from. Convenience is what keeps them with you.

Loyalty program-loyal

These customers are not loyal to your company or what you sell. They are loyal only to your loyalty program, and in many cases, only because your loyalty reward offers the best deal.

Truly loyal

These are your customer advocates. They repeatedly purchase from you, talk about their great experiences with your company, and send their friends and family to you.

Loyal to freebies

These customers are not drawn to your brand because of what you sell but because of other things you offer.

Understanding the different types of loyal customers can help you identify and build a better strategy to create loyal customers.

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