Airtel Uganda recommits to Rwenzori region

Airtel Uganda has renewed its commitment to the people of Rwenzori region through corporate social responsibility, connectivity and financial inclusion.

The company yesterday commissioned 3 mast sites, donated two mobile ultrasound scans and launched an Airtel Money Branch all in Kasese District.

“To boost network connectivity in the region, we have commissioned three mast sites to include; ATC Kikorongo, Kambeho and Kyanjuki. The site at Kanjuki is particularly intended to support tourism in the region,” said Brenden Kachenje the Sales & Distribution Director for Growth Markets at Airtel Uganda during the event at Nyamirame, Kasese District.

“At Airtel, we are cognizant of development drivers, telecommunications featuring strongly in the top five. Reliable and affordable telecommunication services is a proven economic and social growth driver through digitization, financial inclusion and communication in line with the government agenda 2040.”

Kasese District was recently ravaged by seasonal floods that compromised health access especially for expectant mothers thus increasing the maternal death risk.

“We have deployed 2 ultrasound scans one at Rukoki health center IV and the other at Nyamirame Health Center IV, donated Mama Kits and Masks, under the Airtel Safe Motherhood program. In 2018, we launched a Safe Motherhood program that encompasses training of midwives and birth attendants and utilizes the element of the mobile ultrasound scan with the aim of reducing pregnancy related deaths in Uganda. The program recently won a Gold Award at the 11th edition of the Bharti Change Maker Awards in the category of long term social initiatives.

Welcoming Airtel’s support to the area, Mr. Masereka Joshua, The Deputy RDC Kasese District said, “Many communities in Uganda deserve opportunities to improve their livelihoods every way possible. As the Government of Uganda continues with its efforts to provide these opportunities, we welcome the intervention of private companies as well. Allow me to congratulate Airtel for a continued role in the intentional development of Uganda by ensuring the availability of reliable and affordable telecommunications services across the country,” he concluded.

“We also appreciate the Safe Motherhood intervention that will go a long way in supporting expectant mothers in hard to reach areas. With such advancements in the Health, among other sectors, we are able to appreciate the development of equipment’s like the Mobile Ultrasound scan, hence individuals don’t have to move long distances to access improved medical services, but can access them at the nearest health center as midwives are able to move nearer to the expectant mothers.”

To bolster access to Airtel Money services, Airtel has increased its Airtel Money branch footprint in the region that will enable the community to conduct financial services in real-time.

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