Airtel Commissions 29 New Masts to Enhance Service Delivery on the Network

Airtel Uganda has today switched on 29 new masts in 12 districts as part of their commitment to deliver exceptional customer experience on the Airtel network that customers have been accustomed to.

The additional masts are part of the growing physical and virtual infrastructure of Airtel’s 100% 4G network that covers the country border to border. This is also part of Airtel’s commitment to build a robust smartphone network a platform on which they have been able to grow digital and financial inclusion in Uganda. The network supports delivery of affordable data, voice and financial services across the country.  

The 12 districts include Kampala, Hoima, Kabarole, Jinja, Bushenyi, Luwero, Gulu, Mbarara, Moroto, Wakiso, Rukungiri and Isingiro.

While commissioning the latest towers the Networks Director, Mr Agarwal Rajesh, expressed gratitude to the Towers partners like ATC and Ubuntu involved in this project.

Airtel Commissions 29 New Masts to Enhance Service Delivery on the Network
Airtel Uganda’s Network Director, Mr Agarwal Rajesh

“Under the Parish Development Model, the country is focused on transforming the parishes and creating opportunities for the people. Airtel Uganda is pleased to support these efforts by building and deploying a Smartphone Network that is complementary to these efforts” Rajesh added.

NoSite NameRegionDistrictOn Air Actual
1Old Taxi ParkKampalaKampala13-01-23
2BuhanikaWest 2Hoima14-11-22
3KabendeWest 2Kabarole21-11-22
4Serwada ZoneKampalaKampala16-12-22
5Nile VocationalEast 1Jinja02-11-22
6Masese WardEast 1Jinja04-01-23
7KizindaWest 1Bushenyi30-11-22
8BukumaCentral 1Luwero25-11-22
10MUST KihumuroCentral 1Mbarara31-12-22
11Moroto TownNorthMoroto14-11-22
12Makenke BCentral 1Mbarara17-11-22
13Mbaguta St.Central 1Mbarara07-12-22
14BubuliCentral 1Wakiso08-11-22
16RwakabengoWest 1Rukungiri26-12-22
17Arena Mall IBSKampalaKampala09-12-22
20Kisozi ranchKampalaKampala13-01-23
21Tropical MallKampalaKampala05-01-23
22AkiBua RdKampalaKampala12-01-23
23Mulago RoundAbtKampalaKampala05-11-22
24Bandali RiseKampalaKampala29-11-22
25Nakivale CampCentral 1Isingiro09-11-22
26BajjaCentral 1Luwero21-12-22
27Busega KabaaleKampalaKampala14-01-23
28Kyaliwajjala UNIKKampalaWakiso15-01-23
A List of the new 29 new masts in 12 districts

Airtel as a technology enabler, has supported the country’s digitization agenda as envisaged in the Uganda vision 2040. The telecom boosts of a growing network of over 2500 masts that are 5G ready, and an expanding fiber network across the country, especially in the Capital City.

The new sites improve lives of the customer and catalyze empowerment of small and medium sized enterprises to access affordable voice, data and financial services without differentiation.  

The new sites will also enable the expansion, adoption, and usage of ICTs in the transformative sectors such as education, health, and agriculture across the country. Farmers can now access agricultural information to improve their farm productivity, teachers and students are able to use online platforms to teach and expand their learning experiences. Business owners can utilize the voice, airtel money and data options on Airtel to operate their businesses more efficiently. 

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