Agro Supply Ltd Wins Airtel Uganda’s ”UG Needs More of You” Final Round

Airtel Uganda has today unveiled the last set of winners in the UG Needs More of You Campaign. The first set of winners was announced last month at their head office in Kampala.

Agro Supply Limited, the makers of a layaway system that makes use of a USSD code (Dial *284*43#) and scratch cards plus mobile money to enable farmers save for agricultural inputs are top winners in this second and final round. They got 4948 (39.5%) votes from the voting public.  They will receive a cash reward of 15,000,000 Ugandan Shillings at a crowing event that will be announced soon. Round one winner was Wabibi Pads.

Agro Supply Ltd Wins Airtel Uganda's ''UG Needs More of You'' Final Round
Agro Supply Limited (3rd L), the winner of the last set of winners in the UG Needs More of You Campaign having a photo moment with other winners at the unveiling of the last set of winners in the UG Needs More of You Campaign.

The 1st runner-up is One Impact App through which users access information on TB centres for treatment and medicine without stigma. This has greatly improved adherence to TB treatment. One Impact garnered 4635 (37%) votes from the public. They win UGX10million shillings. The other 1st runner up in the first round of tech-inspired stories are Ensibuuko. Ensibuuko use a tech platform that helps SACCOs manage member records, savings, micro loans and disbursements.

The 2nd runner-up is Barefoot Law, the Law firm that provides pro bono legal aid using the power of technology and social media. They garnered 2934(23.4%) of the vote from the public. In the first round, the Livestock farm information management innovation-Jaguza Tech was the second runner-up.

The public voted on the three stories by dialling *162# and selecting their favourite story.

The Airtel Supported UG Needs More of You campaign, launched in March 2022, celebrates Ugandans who have provided tech-inspired solutions to change their lives and those of the community they live.  Ugandans were encouraged to share stories of Ugandans who have harnessed the power of technology to solve real problems and better society.

“I would like to congratulate the winners of this second and final round of tech-inspired stories that this campaign has been able to bring to the fore. The team at Agro Supply Limited, Uganda needs more of you! I also extend our hearty congratulations to the runners-up; One Impact and Barefoot Law; Ugandans appreciate the work you are doing. Keep it up” said Manoj Murali, the Managing Director, Airtel Uganda.

“We are humbled by the overwhelming support Ugandans gave to this campaign by sharing hundreds of stories. We believe there’s potential in each story and as Airtel Uganda, we remain committed to supporting Ugandans and causes that are transforming the lives of many” He concluded.

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